Jaxx Web Wallet

Web-based wallet for Ethereum, Bitcoin, ERC20 / BEP20 tokens, supports Jaxx Liberty integration. Send and receive crypto directly from your browser.

Reasons to use Jaxxify

No commission, high level of security, user-friendly interface. Total privacy and security.


Private keys remain under your control, never transmitted or stored beyond your device.


No personal information is needed, and no registration is required.


To demonstrate our reliability, our code is publicly available.

No centralization

You can transfer your cryptocurrency from anywhere to anywhere.

Crypto Exchange

Enjoy trading with zero commission fees, maximizing your returns on every transaction. Secure, simple, and commission-free—everything you need in one place.

Blog & News

A truly secure wallet for all your devices

Begin your crypto journey with confidence, knowing that your funds are safeguarded by Jaxxify Wallet!