Frequently Asked Questions: Jaxx Liberty Wallet

General Information

  1. What is Jaxx Liberty Wallet?
    Jaxx Liberty Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store, manage, and trade various cryptocurrencies. It offers a user-friendly interface with features such as portfolio tracking, market data, block explorers, and wallet creation and management.
  2. Who developed Jaxx Liberty Wallet?
    Jaxx Liberty Wallet was developed by Decentral Inc., a software company founded by Anthony Di Iorio, who is also a co-founder of Ethereum.
  3. What platforms is Jaxx Liberty Wallet available on?
    Jaxx Liberty Wallet is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, as well as through Chrome browser extensions.
  4. Is Jaxx Liberty Wallet open source?
    Yes, Jaxx Liberty Wallet is open source, allowing developers and users to review its source code, which is available on platforms like GitHub.

Security and Privacy

  1. How secure is Jaxx Liberty Wallet?
    Jaxx Liberty Wallet employs several security measures, including strong encryption, to protect user information and funds. However, as a hot wallet, it’s important for users to exercise caution and use additional security practices.
  2. How does Jaxx Liberty Wallet handle private keys?
    Jaxx Liberty Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, meaning it gives users full control over their private keys, which are stored locally on the user’s device and not on any servers.
  3. Is Jaxx Liberty Wallet custodial or non-custodial?
    Jaxx Liberty Wallet is non-custodial, emphasizing user control over their funds and private keys.
  4. How does Jaxx Liberty Wallet ensure privacy?
    Jaxx Liberty Wallet does not collect personal information from users, ensuring privacy. Transactions are further secured with encryption.

Features and Support

  1. Can Jaxx Liberty Wallet store multiple cryptocurrencies?
    Yes, it supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others.
  2. What are the main features of Jaxx Liberty Wallet?
    Features include a unified dashboard, portfolio, markets, news, block explorers, ShapeShift integration for currency exchange, and more.
  3. Does Jaxx Liberty Wallet support token swaps?
    Yes, through integration with platforms like ShapeShift, allowing for direct in-wallet conversions between supported cryptocurrencies.
  4. Can Jaxx Liberty Wallet be used for staking?
    Jaxx Liberty Wallet does not directly support staking within the wallet.
  5. What cryptocurrencies does Jaxx Liberty Wallet support?
    It supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies, including popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many ERC-20 tokens.
  6. Does Jaxx Liberty Wallet support hardware wallets?
    While Jaxx Liberty primarily functions as a software wallet, it does not inherently support direct integration with hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor.
  7. Can you import wallets from other platforms into Jaxx Liberty Wallet?
    Yes, Jaxx allows users to import wallets using private keys or recovery phrases from other platforms.
  8. Are there any fees associated with using Jaxx Liberty Wallet?
    Jaxx Liberty does not charge fees for the wallet itself; however, transaction fees still apply, which go to the network (e.g., miners) and not to Jaxx Liberty.
  9. How user-friendly is Jaxx Liberty Wallet?
    Jaxx Liberty is designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of use, suitable for beginners while still offering powerful features for experienced users.
  10. How frequently does Jaxx Liberty Wallet receive updates?
    Jaxx Liberty regularly receives updates that improve functionality, security, and add new features, addressing both user feedback and ongoing development needs.
  11. Does Jaxx Liberty Wallet have a customer support service?
    Yes, Jaxx Liberty provides customer support through various channels, including direct support from their website, community forums, and social media platforms.

Technical Aspects

  1. What encryption methods are used in Jaxx Liberty Wallet?
    Jaxx Liberty Wallet uses advanced encryption technology to secure user data and communications within the wallet.
  2. How does Jaxx Liberty Wallet handle transaction fees?
    Users have some options to adjust the transaction fees based on their priority for speed and cost-effectiveness.
  3. Does Jaxx Liberty Wallet support multi-signature transactions?
    As of now, Jaxx Liberty Wallet does not support multi-signature transactions.
  4. Is there a limit on the amount of cryptocurrency you can store?
    There is no limit to the amount of cryptocurrency you can store in Jaxx Liberty Wallet.