How To Transfer Wallet Balance From Jaxx Liberty: Step-by-Step Instructions

Transferring cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another is a common practice, whether you’re securing funds in a hardware wallet, cashing out, or simply moving assets to a different service. Jaxx Liberty, known for its user-friendly interface, makes it relatively straightforward to send cryptocurrencies to other wallets. Here’s a detailed guide on how to transfer your wallet balance from Jaxx Liberty to another wallet.

Step 1: Preparation

Before initiating a transfer, it’s crucial to prepare to ensure the process goes smoothly:

  • Security Check: Ensure your device and Jaxx Liberty app are secure and free from malware. It’s good practice to run a security scan on your device if you haven’t done so recently.
  • Update the Wallet: Confirm that your Jaxx Liberty wallet is updated to the latest version. This can prevent compatibility issues and includes the latest security patches.
  • Backup Your Wallet: Make sure you have a current backup of your Jaxx Liberty wallet, specifically your 12-word backup phrase, in case you need to restore access later.

Step 2: Verify the Receiving Wallet Address

  • Obtain the Receiving Address: Log into the wallet or exchange where you want to send your cryptocurrency and navigate to the section where you can receive funds. Copy the receiving address carefully.
  • Double-check the Address: Always double-check the address after copying it. Even a small mistake can send your cryptocurrency to the wrong address, resulting in a loss of funds.

Step 3: Initiate the Transfer from Jaxx Liberty

  • Open Jaxx Liberty Wallet: Launch the Jaxx Liberty app and navigate to the wallet of the cryptocurrency you want to send.
  • Access the Send Feature: Click on the “Send” button, which usually appears as an upward arrow or directly states “Send.”
  • Enter the Recipient’s Address: Paste or manually enter the recipient’s wallet address into the designated field. Ensure there are no errors in the address.
  • Enter the Amount: Type in the amount of cryptocurrency you wish to send. You can often choose to send the total balance by selecting a “Max” option.
  • Set the Transaction Fee: Jaxx Liberty allows you to adjust the transaction fee, which can affect how quickly your transaction is processed by the network. Higher fees can lead to faster confirmations during periods of congestion.
  • Review the Transaction: Double-check all details, especially the amount and the recipient address.

Step 4: Confirm and Send

  • Confirm the Transaction: After reviewing, confirm the transaction. You may need to enter a PIN or password if you have set up additional security features in Jaxx Liberty.
  • Authorize the Transfer: Click on the “Send” button to authorize the transaction. Jaxx Liberty will broadcast your transaction to the blockchain for confirmation.
  • Keep the Transaction ID: Once sent, Jaxx Liberty will provide a transaction ID (also known as a TXID). Keep this ID as it can be used to track the progress of your transaction on the blockchain.

Step 5: Track the Transaction

  • Check Transaction Status: You can use the transaction ID to check the status of your transfer on a blockchain explorer. Enter the TXID into the search field of the explorer corresponding to the cryptocurrency you sent.
  • Verify Receipt: Log into the receiving wallet or exchange to confirm that the funds have arrived. Depending on the network and the transaction fee set, this could be instantaneous or take several hours.


Transferring funds from Jaxx Liberty to another wallet is a straightforward process that can be performed safely and efficiently by following these steps. Always prioritize security, especially when handling wallet addresses and transaction confirmations, to ensure that your cryptocurrencies reach their intended destination safely.

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